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Sustainable production Moeskops.

Positively Impacting Environment and Well-being.

As a manufacturing company, we are committed to fostering a positive influence on both the environment and people’s well-being. Our focus centers on three key pillars: sustainable production, utilization of the most eco-friendly materials, and prioritizing the well-being of our staff and society.

EcoVadis, the importance of sustainability and corporate responsibility

Moeskops Grafisch acknowledges the importance of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Therefore, we utilize EcoVadis, a leading organization in sustainability assessments.

EcoVadis provides us with a valuable platform and a robust methodology to evaluate the sustainability performance of both our company and our suppliers. By considering criteria such as environmental impact, labor practices, ethics, and supply chain management, EcoVadis enables us to gain a holistic view of our sustainability efforts.

Carbon neutral production facility

These assessments play a crucial role in making informed decisions in our business operations and selecting partners who share the same commitment to sustainability. It also allows us to continually strive for improvements in our sustainability performance, contributing to our efforts to have a positive impact on both the environment and society.

In early 2017, we established a highly sustainable, carbon-neutral production facility with cutting-edge construction techniques and materials to minimize energy loss. We’ve installed an energy-efficient climate control system, ensured excellent insulation, implemented widespread LED lighting, and integrated an air circulation system that efficiently disperses heat. Our machines also generate heat, reducing the need for additional heating or cooling.

Our roof hosts 2,996 solar panels, producing excess electricity that contributes positively to the grid. This surplus ensures our machines run on 100% solar energy, while visitors and employees can charge electric vehicles at the parking lot’s charging stations.

Beyond energy efficiency, we prioritize responsible handling of basic materials. Our innovative underground waste transport system swiftly moves cardboard and paper waste from production machines to separate storage, collected later for recycling. We prevent material waste, particularly moisture-induced damage to cardboard, using a moisture control system. This ensures proper storage conditions, preventing warping and rendering material unusable before production starts. During production, our efficient handling continues—cardboard dust generated during milling is promptly extracted and processed into cardboard pulp using a press system. This pulp is then transported through the waste system for recycling.

Our production techniques, exemplified by the Cantobox® method, enable us to lead in sustainable packaging. Using 100% recycled cardboard without printing, we eliminate extra processes and materials. It’s worth noting that sustainable packaging can still exhibit a luxurious appearance.

Sustainable materials.

We offer a diverse range of highly sustainable materials and encourage customers to choose them. Our standard is recycled materials, with a preference for upcycled options. As an FSC® certified company (license code FSC-C019507), we use certified materials sourced from sustainably managed forests. Yet, even more eco-friendly choices are available, such as cardboard from grass waste, fibers from recycled denim, and paper made entirely from agricultural waste. Opting for these materials supports the circular economy and goes beyond recycling to upcycling, turning once-deemed waste into valuable resources. This choice aligns with nature rather than against it.


The well-being of our staff and society.

We prioritize the well-being of our staff and society, providing suitable work attire and personal protective gear. Automation, such as stackers near cutting machines, lightens the load for employees handling heavy paper and cardboard stacks. Dust extraction during cardboard milling promotes recycling and protects employee health. We value relaxation, hosting annual events supported by an active staff association. Stability is achieved through predominantly permanent contracts, and flexibility is fostered by cross-departmental training. We contribute to society by sponsoring local initiatives and associations.