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A folder is a sturdy binder with two rings and a paper clamp.

Ring Binders and Folders

A ring binder comes in various forms, leading to differences in size, capacity, and durability. A folder is a sturdy binder with two rings and a paper clamp. With Moeskops, you can opt for a representative, fully custom-made, sustainable ring binder or folder at an affordable price.

Due to their representation, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness, these products have a wide range of applications. Think of healthcare or patient folders, report, portfolio, or lesson folders in education, project and insurance folders for brokers, insurers, or property developers.

The size of the folder depends on its content. Our versatile production capabilities make us flexible, enabling us to create a perfectly fitting ring binder for any content.

We also take care of the printing and insertion of content. From die-cutting and printing matching dividers to printing and inserting all content.

The printing is laminated to prevent dirt and damage. Due to this durable finishing, a Moeskops ring binder is suitable for years of use. Your ring binder or folder will have and keep a classy appearance.

Storage Folder, the representative and affordable presentation tool

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